Great Female Inventors

Great Female Inventors... words that to some might prompt a puzzled look. In our everyday lives, the creativity of the often overlooked and vastly underappreciated female inventors of the last three hundred years have touched our lives and the way that we do business in ways that few comprehend. While many today decry the lack of encouragement that young females are given to pursue careers in math and science, the women of yesterday tackled the problems that needed solution and cleared the way for inventors in the future.

Patricia BathBath, Patricia - Created a laser-based device to perform cataracts surgery. Benjamin, Miriam - Invented a "Gong and Signal" chair for hotels.


Coston, Martha -


Marjorie JoynerJoyner, Marjorie - Invented the "Permanent Waving Machine."


Eliza PinkneyPinckney, Eliza - Developed a succesful strain of the Indigo plant, which revolutionized the production of dye.


Valerie ThomasThomas, Valerie - Developed a device to produce 3-Dimensional optical illusions and effect.


Madam C.J. Walker Walker, Madam C. J. - Created and marketed Black Hair Care products and became so successful that she was the first Black female millionaire.








Female Inventors


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